What’s in a Name: Family and More

Same-sex and straight couples discuss how complicated settling on a last name can become after marriage.

You’re So Self-Controlling

Is our sense of time, not our lack of willpower, the real issue?

Confronting the Legacies of Slavery

Calls in the Caribbean for reparations are an occasion to face the many ways in which the past continues to shape the present.

Twitter, Women and Power

Research suggests that, in order to succeed, companies should start by promoting more women.

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For African-American kids with white parents, being black at Fulton Mall was a kind of test.

Conjuring Up Our Own Gods

Knowing God intimately is hard, and maybe hard-wired, too.

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Opinionator: The Referendum

You only get one shot at life. What if yours has been one long string of mistakes?

Professor Says He Has Solved a Mystery Over a Slave’s Novel

A novel praised for its dramatic depiction of Southern life in the mid-1850s became a best seller, but its tantalizing secret — the author’s identity — may have been solved.